Better air everywhere.

Over a single day, an average adult ”consumes” about 1 kg of food, 3 kg of liquid and about 20 to 30 kg of air. Thus quality of life is directly linked to creating a healthy atmosphere during our daily activities, be it at the workplace, at schools or at home. Improving air quality builds on having the right information at the right time. At Oxility we want to contribute to “Better Air Everywhere” through our NanoTracer range of portable personal monitors for Ultra-Fine-Particles (UFP).


Monitoring UFP in an unobtrusive manner leads to better understanding of the impact of traffic, industrial processes, building materials and consumables on our daily exposure to UFP. A responsible approach on both natural UFP’s as well as engineered nanoparticles can thus be based on solid and relevant data.

We believe that good data is the start of a good solution. With our experience and together with our partners we help organizations to manage the opportunities and control the risk of UFP and nanoparticles. Our clients in industry, academia, governmental and not-for-profit organizations benefit from our standardized approaches in risk assessment and quality management.

Air quality, and especially the field of UFP and nanoparticles, is a broad field with many stakeholders. Industrial and regulatory bodies can help balancing interests and create clarity. We are taking our responsibility and invest significant resources to play an active role in these discussions.


Since its first introduction in 2009, the Aerasense NanoTracer has proven its quality and robustness in various applications worldwide.



NanoTracers are used in many applications around the globe. Users include Industries, Academic institutions as well as Governmental organizations.


About us

Oxility was founded 2014 as the Technology licences partner of Royal Philips Electronics.